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Get one-on-one support by booking a session with a certified Balance Through Movement Method Instructor

Whether you are trying to reach the next level of your training or are just starting out, our certified instructors will meet you and your horse where you are in your journey to offer tailored guidance.

Our community tag-teams on all cases, so whoever you choose to work with, you will have the support of the entire BTMM network behind you!

Celeste Lazaris Balance Through Movement Method

Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist, an expert in equine movement and muscle development and a pioneer for developing the physical body to protect the nervous system.

Her primary focuses are releasing nerve impingements in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horses body both in-hand and under saddle utilizing intrinsic motivation and proper movement to prevent injury and further nerve related problems.

She is highly valued by Veterinarians around the world for her ability to help them utilize a more holistic approach for lasting changes and because of her background as a professional trainer and competitive rider, she is approachable and easy to understand for trainers and adult amateurs alike.

Her work is truly revolutionary for equine performance, lameness prevention and helping the horse-human dynamic.

Best Suited For:
Complex Cases 
Nerve Impingements 
Upper Level Competitive Riders
Advanced BTMM Exercises 
Katherine Lowry

Rider Biomechanics Master, Yoga Teacher, Classical Dressage Instructor
Best Suited For:
Dressage Riders
Neurologic Cases 
Riders with Complex Injuries
Horses with Complex Hind-End Injuries
Advanced BTMM Exercises

Katherine Lowry is a second generation equine professional. Her original passion was classical Dressage for its spiritual, theoretical, and philosophical advantages in the development of horse and rider. After pursuing training in a number of different disciplines including Combined Driving Western Dressage, Reining, and Eventing she developed an interdisciplinary program and has run a successful boarding and training facility for over 12 years.


After suffering an accident that left her with an injured back, concussion, and debilitating nerve pain, Katherine was pushed to look outside of equines due to a poor prognosis for recovery. She dove into how to heal with movement and massage.


Through the process of rebuilding her own body from injury she found that stepping away from the realm of classical and modern riding modalities and into more ancient movement practices allowed her - and eventually her students - to find a deeper core balance and strengthen as riders. Katherine has created a human path starting with developing connection to yourself and the world around you through breath, building to engagement and receptivity of the spine, and ending with rotational movement of the pelvis.

Katherine is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics or in-person sessions at her home ranch in Benson, Arizona.


Master R+ And Liberty Trainer, Expert In Herd Management And Equine Psychology 
Best Suited For:
Complex Behavior Cases
Classical Dressage Riders
Equine Lifestyle Management
Tara Davis
Tara BTMM photo_edited.jpg

With a passion for unbridled movement at the core of everything she does, Tara Davis is an equine professional who focuses on restoring balance, power, and joy to the horses through her unique horsemanship approach. With a strong foundation in classical dressage and a focus on equine psychology, she combines energetic connection and emotional development into an approach that blends science and spirituality.


Her work with rehabilitating horses has led her to a deep practice of trauma informed care for both horse and human. Tara believes in meeting each horse/human pair wherever they are at in their journey and will facilitate both “traditional” learning modalities (pressure/release based) as well as positive reinforcement and liberty horsemanship with her clients with no judgement. Her clients come to her from all fields of horsemanship, with the knowledge that better understanding our horse’s behavior and expanding our connection can help refine communication no matter what modality is used.

Tara is available for Distance Sessions and R+ clinics.


Yasmin Stuart

Professional Trainer
Equine Physiotherapist
BTMM In-Hand Instructor

Best Suited For:
Complex Bodywork Cases
In-Hand Postural Training

Yasmin Stuart is an Equine Physiotherapist and Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner based in the UK. She is particularly passionate about the relationship between manual therapy and movement therapy to help rehabilitate from compensatory injuries such as kissing spines and sacroiliac disease, which is where Nerve Release blends beautifully into her practice.


The welfare of the horse is paramount to Yasmin's practice and she strongly believes that compassionate application of evidence based techniques is the key to a happy, healthy horse. This includes teaching movement therapies with a solid underpinning of equitation science, and manual therapies founded upon a firm understanding of equine anatomy and research around the efficacy of their application.

Yasmin is available for clinics and currently offers bodywork and lessons.


BTMM Instructors provide 1-1 support for Pillar work in hand and under saddle. All BTMM Instructors are also certified in Lazaris Nerve Release Technique.

Heather Kornemann

Californio Vaquero Trainer
Hoof Expert

Apprentice BTMM Instructor 


Best Suited For: 
All Levels

Complex Hoof and Posture Cases

General BTMM Exercises

Heather Kornemann, BTMM Certified Trainer and Instructor, Certified in Lazaris Techniques Nerve Release, California Vaquero Bridlehorseman, hoof care specialist, Owner/Trainer/Clinician and Instructor at X bar 7 Livestock and Equine Services and a full time cowboy. Yes - a Cowboy!


Her 30+ years of experience in multiple facets of the equine industry, has developed her knowledge and shaped her passion for overall horse health and soundness. Heather focuses her program on the health and development of the whole horse. Bringing horses along to be balanced in body, mind and spirit. Rehabilitating horses who suffer from postural dysfunction, anxiety, trauma and other mental/physical pain related behaviors. She places the upmost importance on educating horse owners on everything from proper hoof care to how to recognize tension and anxiety and early signs of dysfunction.


The Balance Though Movement Method is a foundational component of all training and rehabilitation. Heather is committed to her belief that training for soundness is the way to a better future for horses and their humans. Along with her continued passion for teaching the art of the Californio Bridlehorse Heather is now expanding her business to join Celeste and her team of experts to bring the BTMM to the world!

Heather is available for Distance Sessions for hoof and body evaluations and clinics on BTMM and Bridlehorse.

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 12.32_edited.jpg
Best Suited For:
All Levels
In-Hand or Under Saddle

Stacia Strong

Dressage and Biomechanics Trainer

Apprentice BTMM Instructor 


Stacia Strong resides in Mooresville NC, where she is the owner and trainer of Southern Tier Equestrian Center. She turned her love for horses into a career at the age of 22 when she opened her first boarding and lesson barn. Fast forward through 20+ years of trials and tribulations of training and teaching in traditional methods with a background in dressage, Stacia found herself looking “outside the box” for better ways to teach her students and improve the relationship with their horses.


Her personal journey has allowed her program to evolve into mindful horsemanship, with science based rider biomechanics, that is always advocating for the betterment of the horse. Stacias kind and nurturing approach for equestrians of all levels along with her rider biomechanics experience makes her an incredible asset to the BTTM team.

Stacia is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics or in-person sessions at or near her home ranch in Mooresville, NC


Betsy Vonda

Behavioral Specialist

Posture/Performance Educator

Apprentice BTMM Instructor


Betsy Vonda is an Equine Postural, Performance, and Behavioral Consultant residing in Ontario, Canada with a focus on equine rehabilitation, as well as starting and training horses for longevity and soundness. Betsy grew up competing in western performance disciplines and went on to being a successful competitive rider in barrel racing and pole bending.

As a coach and clinician she teaches owners how to recognize proper movement patterns and development, as well as how to improve their relationship and communication with their equine partner no matter the chosen discipline. Betsy is also a Paramedic and an Emergency Service Education Coordinator. This unique background coupled with her specialized horsemanship skills has enabled her to develop thorough physical assessment and observational skills, training in de-escalation and regulation of the nervous system, as well as a formal education in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

All of these things along with her kind and approachable demeanor for equestrians of all levels makes her the perfect addition to our BTMM team.

Betsy is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics.and in-person sessions in her area.

Betsy is not currently available for booking.

Balance through Movement Method™ Transition Coach and Certified Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ Practitioner
Best Suited For Equestrians:
Looking to connect to their body, breath, and emotions
Struggling with not riding or their identity as an equestrian
Feeling stuck
Ready to work on themselves, rather than just their horse

Danielle Crowell is a registered 500-hour Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer. She is also a certified Life Coach and Girl's Self-Esteem Coach™, studying to become an NLP practitioner, and a Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ certified practitioner.


Growing up in a traditional equestrian environment of weekly riding lessons, Pony Club, and summers spent at local hunter/jumper competitions, Danielle’s experience as a horse owner was flipped on its head when her mare Sota came into her life in 2018. As her then four-year-old mare slowly deteriorated mentally and physically, Danielle felt powerless not knowing how to help. The pair spent four years struggling to find answers from a slew of professionals. While her young horse became increasingly aggressive and sore, Danielle dealt with feelings of guilt, shame, helplessness, loneliness, and anxiety. She lost confidence in her abilities, lost trust in her intuition, and looked to others for answers. After discovering BTMM in February 2022, the pair started a whole new journey together. Today, Danielle and Sota have an undeniable bond… but it didn’t come without a lot of inner work on Danielle’s end.


Danielle’s journey involved connecting with her body, breath, and inner thoughts. It required her to reflect on her identity as an equestrian, the role that her ego played in her emotions, and to understand her worth and her horse’s worth - regardless of whether or not riding was involved. Today, Danielle’s intention is to help other horse owners and equestrians through their journey. She understands the emotions that are intertwined in our equine relationships and wants to help others “work through the muck,” as she calls it, of inner work in order to come out stronger on the other side. Her sessions can involve a blend of no-judgement discussion, breathwork, journaling prompts, and mind-body connection. They can be done with your horse or without (ideally in a safe space you can feel comfortable releasing emotion and moving if needed).

Danielle is available for distance sessions, events, and in-person sessions in her area.

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