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New to BTMM? Build a foundation with the Master Class

I don’t believe in giving out blanket information on exercises and manual techniques, because I think they can be devastating without understanding the core theories behind why and how they should work.

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So instead I built a Master Class that’s fueled on theory, with just enough video information to help you sit with your horse and ask them to guide you to what feels right.

Everyone should have background information so that they can make informed decisions on their horses' behalf. I deeply believe in educating people on how the body works, why some things are helpful and others are not, and give them the power to make informed decisions on how to support their horses.


And that is exactly what you get in the Master Class!

With replays of over video lectures and a robust community for support, you will be able to dive in and learn at your own pace.

This Master Class is a thorough introduction to Balance Through Movement Method: My perspective on the Thoracic Sling, Spinal Integrity, how to alleviate and prevent Nerve Compression, and the core foundation of the Three Pillars.

This is NOT a step-by-step "how to" video course, but a guide for exploration and real-life application.


Complimentary to the Master Class: access to our FB Group where you have the opportunity to submit photos and videos of your Pillar attempts for free feedback from our group experts. The group includes hundreds of examples from members that will help train your eye and further your education.

Our group is full of veterinarians, top trainers, farriers, bodyworkers, osteopaths and incredible adult amateur owners just wanting to do right by their horses.

If this sounds something you want to be a part of, we would be happy to have you join us!

Included with your one time enrollment fee of $199 USD:

✓ Pre-Recorded Lectures on the three BTMM Pillars: Relationship to Connection, Center of Balance, and Spinal Integrity

✓ Access to past recordings of live Q&A's

✓ Private Podcast for Audio Recordings

✓ Quarterly Live Q&A Session with Celeste Lazaris

✓ Priority Enrollment Opportunities for BTMM Courses and Cohorts

✓ Bonus Materials on Equine Anatomy, Biomechanics, and More!
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Equine Nerve Release Thoracic Sling Celeste Lazaris
Lazaris Nerve Release Technique Self Study Course
The Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™ Self Study Course includes over 29 modules on the techniques Celeste has carefully crafted to release suspected nerve compressions within the horse.

Celeste Lazaris Equine Performance Training Lameness Specialist Thoracic Sling Nerve Impingement

Performance and relationship starts with soundness.


Ready to start your journey?

The best way to ensure your place in our upcoming courses, clinics and more is to join the Master Class.

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