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Principles of Energy

Learn Foundational Principles of Energy Work in a Self-Paced, 11 Module Course
Module 1: Starting a simple meditation practice.

Module 2: How to find your internal guidance system.

Module 3: How to find and work with your energetic Maximums and Minimums.

Module 4: Using talismans and other tools.

Module 5: How to energetically cleanse.

Module 6: How to ground within your body - a guest lesson by International Biomechanics clinician, Katherine Lowry.

Module 7: How to create an energetic boundary around yourself and the body you’re working with.

Module 8: The power and practice of setting intentions.

Module 9: Overcoming limiting beliefs.

Module 10: The Energy of Unattached Reverence - a guest lesson from world-renown animal communicator - Shayleigh Evans.

And last but not least...

Module 11: The Art of the Subtle Release: Learning how to work with the body to find, map and release deep fascial holdings within the body using only energy work.

Course Investment: $333 USD
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No prerequisites required! This course is perfect for anyone curious to begin a journey of energy work, or who already has a developed practice.


The Principles of Energy course is the perfect accompaniment to our foundational offer, the BTMM Master Class.

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