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As a performance trainer, the #1 thing I would run into was a horse whose mind was out of balance.

As a licensed structural integration massage therapist, the #1 thing that I would run into was a horse whose body was out of balance.

And I quickly realized that the two were dependent on one another. . .

That’s why I created the Balance Through Movement Method™

Balance Through Movement Method ™ is my signature performance development training system designed to help the horse achieve optimum balance and strength through the specific development of the body and more importantly, the mind.

The primary focus is toning the nervous system, developing the body through supporting spinal integrity and subsequently, protecting the body from nerve compressions.

The radical success our clients have is through the mind-body integration by the careful reprogramming of the body’s compensatory patterns through our proprioceptive work and vagal nerve exercises.

While this work started as a program for EPM rehabilitations, years of results have proven that Balance Through Movement Method™ is the missing piece to equine conditioning practices and lameness prevention.

From trainers to Veterinarians, Balance Through Movement Method™ is now used around the world for rehabilitation, development, and diagnostics.

Celeste Leilani Lazaris (1).png

Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist, skilled in equine movement and muscle development, and a pioneer for developing the physical body to protect the nervous system.

Her primary focuses are releasing suspected nerve compressions in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horse's body both in-hand and under saddle, utilizing proper activation to prevent musculoskeletal injury and nerve related problems.

She is highly valued by Veterinarians around the world for her ability to help them utilize a more holistic approach for lasting changes. Due to her background as a professional trainer and competitive rider, she is approachable and excels in teaching both trainers and adult amateurs alike.

Her work is truly revolutionary for equine performance, lameness prevention and helping the horse-human dynamic.

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