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Celeste Lazaris Equine Thoracic Sling

Bring Balance Through Movement Method to your community by hosting a  clinic

BTMM clinics are intimate settings of 1:1 session between our certified instructors, the clients and their horses.

Every clinic is a unique learning experience! Our certified instructors each bring their own expertise and insights to tailor clinics to the individual participants and horses present. What you can expect:
  • In-hand and under saddle exercises.

  • Emotional regulation.

  • Proper weight distribution.

  • Truths about the Thoracic Sling.

  • Nerve compression and how to prevent it.

  • How to correctly align the spine.

  • How to deactivate some muscles to isolate and activate others.

  • How to increase range of motion in all 4 cardinal directions.

  • How to teach your horse true self carriage through balance and correct development.

Clinic Requirements & Guidelines

Each clinic runs over three days with five sessions per day. It is typical for ~15 horses to be booked for the clinic, however if you are able to book 30 horses we can arrange for a second instructor.

Clinic participants may audit the entire clinic. Outside auditors are not allowed.

Horses should have proper ground manners unless otherwise specified and well-fitted tack for under saddle sessions. It is most beneficial to have medical histories on-hand, with access to any recent radiographs. Hoof and dental care should be up to date.


Indoor arenas are required for all BTMM Clinics. For more requirements and to fill out a host application, click here.

Lazaris Nerve Release Technique_edited.jpg

We look forward to sharing our work with your community!

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