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Self Study
Nerve Release Course - Next Enrollment Opens Summer 2024
The Self Study Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ course is perfect for those looking to deepen their BTMM journey and apply Nerve Release to their own horses, and is a required prerequisite for the Nerve Release Certification Cohort.

  • Over 15 hours of lecture and step-by-step videos on the techniques Celeste has carefully crafted to release suspected nerve compression horses
  • Optional homework & quizzes (homework feedback not included)
  • Group community and support on a private online network
28 Course Modules Including:
  • Common Postures and Physiological Signs Found with Nerve Compression
  • Common Causes That Effect Posture
  • Associated Pathologies
  • Hoof Balance and How It Relates To Nerve Compression
  • Trauma and Consent
  • All Manual Nerve Release Techniques
  • In-Hand BTMM Pillar Exercises As They Relate to Nerve Compression Relief and Prevention
The Self Study Nerve Release Course is a complete introduction to using the Lazaris Nerve Release Technique from head to tail. Appropriate for veterinarians, bodyworkers, professional trainers, amateur riders and hobby owners alike looking to improve their horse's postural health, soundness and overall well-being.

Course lessons are released over a three month period from the time of enrollment, and include optional quizzes and homework. An understanding of equine anatomy is not required, but will be helpful. Enrollment in the BTMM Master Class is required for course admittance.

Please note: while participants can apply the knowledge and skills gained through the course in a professional setting, it is prohibited for participants to advertise or offer services related to the course content. This includes refraining from using the course completion as a qualification to provide paid services to others.

Enrollment opens only once a year. The next course enrollment will open Summer 2024. Limited scholarship spots will be available.

Please read through our FAQ below for more details!
LNRT Testimonials





Nerve Release
Certification Cohort
Coming January 2024
This three month Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ Certification Cohort will be limited to a group of 30 people. The next cohort begins January 2024 and will conclude April 2024. Applications are now open for participants of the Self Study Course!
For those interested in receiving a certification, we will be pulling applications from the Self Study Nerve Release Course participants. The Self Study Course will be launched once a year and the Certification Cohort will be twice yearly.

  • Six live Q&A's
  • Case study discussion
  • Group community and support on a private online network
  • Five 1-1 guided live Nerve Release sequence sessions to learn the nuances of each move and complete sequence for individual pathologies
  • Equine Professional Business Management live training
  • Certificate of Completion and one year listing on the BTMM website for business referrals*

*Students will be evaluated at the end of the cohort for quality of work to receive a certificate of completion. All cohort work including homework, case studies and 1-1 sessions must be completed to receive certification. Cohort enrollment is NOT a guarantee of certification. To maintain active certification status, graduates must complete an annual review that includes a $500 fee.

Cetificaton Cohort

Practitioner Certification Investment


$3500* USD Pay In Full Discount


Four payments of $900* USD with Payment Plan

(Must be paid in full before a Certificate of Completion can be awarded.)


Cohort participants have the option of adding on additional 1-1 sessions for Nerve Release technique support, Nerve Release under saddle, etc. Subject to availability, $500 USD per session.

*Prices are subject to change at any time.

Nerve Release Certification Requirements
Participants are required to turn in homework and videos working through the techniques for feedback to receive certification and schedule their live 1-1 sessions.

Course participants are required to submit five case studies to be eligible to become a Certified Practitioner featured on the BTMM Directory.

Course participants are required to pay in full to receive certification.

Required Prerequisites:
Enrollment in the BTMM Master Class
Enrollment in the Self Study Nerve Release Course
Proficient horse handling skills.
Access to a phone/camera
Access to a minimum of 5 horses to apply hands-on practice and case studies
Ability to access wifi/data for live Zoom 1-1 sessions working with horses
Ability to access and use Google Drive

Preferred Prerequisites:
Understanding of basic equine anatomy
Experience with working with or education around bodies in a trauma response
Approach to horsemanship that is cognizant of the consent of equine partners

Please note: This course is not to be used for licensure of practice. All course materials are provided with the agreement that it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure state/country requirement compliance before applying BTMM methodologies in their business. Course completion is not a guarantee of certification. Once certified, technique reviews with a $500 USD re-certification fee are due annually to maintain active status.

Testimonial from Suz Crichton-Stuart, Equine Bodyworker and Nerve Release Course Student

  • What are the prerequisites for the Self Study Course?
    Enrollment in the BTMM Master Class is required for admittance to the Self Study Course. We highly recommend you spend at least 3 months (ideally longer!) working through the Master Class and applying the techniques before taking the Nerve Release course. Other than Master Class enrollment, there are no required prerequisites for joining the Self Study Course.
  • How long will the course take me to complete?
    The Self Study Course materials are released over a period of three months. However, you have access for as long as the course exists so you can take all the time you want! Since the Self Study Course only opens once a year, we do recommend you purchase access while enrollment is open even if you are not able to get started on the materials right away.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Due to the proprietary nature of this course, we do not offer refunds. If you enroll in a payment plan and cancel your plan before payments are complete, you will be automatically removed from the course without refund. Failed payments that are not resolved within 7 days result in automatic removal from the course without refund.
  • Can I use what I learn in the Self Study course in my equine business?
    Participants who complete the course can apply the knowledge and skills gained in a professional setting, this does not make them certified. It is strictly prohibited for participants to advertise or offer services related to the course content as if they are certified professionals. This includes refraining from using the course completion as a qualification to provide paid services to others, as well as teaching the techniques in the course to others. If you would like to incorporate Lazaris Nerve Release Technique into your equine business, you can pursue certification. DISCLAIMER: Taking the Lazaris Nerve Release Technique Course does not grant any official certification or professional accreditation. We encourage participants to seek appropriate certifications or licenses if they wish to offer professional services in the field of equine bodywork.
  • Can I take the course if I don't have a horse?
    We do recommend that you have access to at least one horse and ideally multiple horses to get hands on practice for the techniques taught in this course.
  • How long will enrollment be open for the Self Study Course?
    Enrollment will be open from September 1st 2023 - September 15th 2023.
  • Is there a cap on enrollment?
    There is no cap on enrollment.
  • I heard there was a scholarship opportunity - how do I apply?
    Scholarship opportunities will be available for the 2024 enrollment period. Check back for details.
Nerve Release FAQ

Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™ is a proprietary training created by Celeste Lazaris centered around releasing nerve compressions within the horse, with a specific focus on the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus.


Celeste is a licensed human and equine massage therapist, professional trainer and competitive rider. This combination gives her a unique lens and feel for practical applications and is what sets her methodology apart from others. She attended Alexandars School of Natural Therapeutics, a structural integration minded school and learned a comprehensive list of techniques to relieve fascial restrictions within the body that result in nerve compression such as sciatica, tennis elbow and thoracic outlet syndrome. Although she was thrilled to have this knowledge, she became frustrated that none of these incredibly important and life-changing conversations were being had in the equine industry. After becoming successful at treating humans, she decided to dedicate her time and energy to transferring her nerve release proficiency over to the equines and quickly realized how prominent and massively under-diagnosed they are.


It didn’t take long for her business to take off with the incredible success she was seeing for treating “undiagnosed lameness.” Celeste quickly became an immediate resource to several Veterinarians around the world to help them find answers and offer a more holistic and sustainable approach instead of chasing ghosts and relying on injections with temporary results.


It took about 2 years with testing over 1000 equines to really lock in what techniques were the most universally effective and then another year for her to be able to break it down to something easy for even amateur horse owners to digest.


This is what you will find within the course. Celeste teaches you both manual techniques and in-hand exercises to help the horse find immediate relief for nerve compression as well as extensive education around causes and preventions.

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