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BTMM Consultant - Kendra Skorstad


Skorstad Farrier Service Hoof Evaluation

If you are looking for support as you navigate hoof care, hoof evaluations are the perfect place to start!


Each evaluation includes mark up of 4 lateral images and 4 sole views, one of each hoof, with HoofmApp.


Evaluations also include correspondence and support to answer questions and to add any clarity, either through messenger or email or a phone call.

Please read through all the instructions below on how to submit a Hoof Evaluation to Kendra!

Every Hoof Evaluation request should include the following information:


  • Age, breed, and gender of horse

  • Any current radiographs (within the last 3 months since contacting KendraA

  • Your location

  • What problems/concerns are you currently having? How long has it been going on?

  • Is your horse currently sound?

  • What discipline? At what level? Are you competing?

  • What is the diet?

  • What kind of environment does the horse live in and work on? Please describe how long the horse is stalled and turned out, type of turnout ( track, dry lot, mature, etc.) and what kind of footing for turnout and exercise.

  • How often is the horse trimmed or shod? When was the last trim?

  • What has your farrier, and a vet if applicable, tried to remedy the problem? Provide photos, if possible

  • What have you done for treatment of problem/concern?

  • How often does the horse receive additional care? Ie, chiro, bodywork and what kind, PEMF, Beer, Theraplate, etc)

Evaluations will be of the most value if the photos are taken well and consistently. Poorly angled, low light, or blurry photos will not be marked up to avoid giving a skewed assessment that doesn’t provide you with useful information.


If you have any questions about the photos needed, please reach out to Kendra and let her know how she can help. The better information you provide, the better information you will receive!

Please note while Kendra is providing objective feedback on the photos, she will not give specific trim and/or shoeing instructions, unless you are a hoof care provider/farrier. There are many roads to take with hoof care and she hopes to provide you the information to be able to speak with your hoof care professional about what you have learned and how you can best advocate for your horse.

Images can be sent to or message to Kendra directly on FB messenger.

Payment of $150 USD can be processed through an emailed invoice from Quickbooks you will be able to pay electronically with ACH or credit card. 

Please allow 5-7 business days for evaluation. If this is a time sensitive and you need something sooner, let Kendra know.

Kendra Skorstad brings artistry, science, and her love for horses together in her life long career as a farrier and horsewoman. She is highly sought after in her community due to her experiences as a barefoot trimmer and farrier combined with proficiency using new technologies and alternative materials for hoof protection. In her teamwork approach, she embraces a balance between research based work and honoring the individuality of each horse.


Her personal journey in life has shaped her approach to create a safe space for horses to be able to be in a relaxed and receptive state so that her work can have the highest benefit to the whole horse. She gives them a foundation from which everything else can be balanced and built upon.


Her experience rehabilitating hooves on performance horses and the negative hoof morphology she sees in the hooves linked with injuries to the body is the driving force behind her desire to educate horse owners about the hooves and how they impact the whole horse. She believes every horse owner should have access to fact based, unbiased information about hoof care to be able to make informed decisions and advocate for their horses.


Her commitment to her own continuing education and sharing what she can with others has led to her giving clinics and lectures around the US and internationally, guest lecturing for the University of Guelph for the last 5 years as well as developing hoof related material for their Functional Anatomy course.


Her education doesn’t stop with the hoof. As a rider and driver, she is committed to understanding the horse as much as possible and the dynamic connection between the hoof

and horse.

About Kendra
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