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Lazaris Nerve
Release Technique™


Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™ is a proprietary training created by Celeste Lazaris centered around releasing suspected nerve impingements within the horse with a specific focus on the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus.

Common Symptoms Alleviated:
Head Shaking Syndrome
Lack of Locking Carpal Joints (Becoming Over at the Knee)
Locking Stifle
Undiagnosed Lameness
Thoracic Sling Dysfunction

Topline Syndrome
Dangerous Behaviors
Spooky Behavior
Chronic Anxiety

Search the directory of Nerve Release Practitioners below to find support in your area! Distance Sessions available here.

Please note: The below practitioners have received a Certificate of Completion for our proprietary Nerve Release training. This training is not to be used for licensure of practice. It is the sole responsibility of the ​professional to ensure state/country requirement compliance before applying BTMM methodologies in their business. We encourage clients to verify the credentialing requirements applicable in their local area before engaging any equine professional's services.

United States
MarciVoorhees jpeg_edited.jpg

Marci Voorhees

Salem, Oregon

Marci focuses on releasing imbalanced emotions and tension patterns to help horses feel better in their bodies. She is a graduate of Northwest School of Animal Massage in equine acupressure based in Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts. She uses a unique combination of modalities including acupressure, myofascial release, Lazarus nerve release technique, emotional release via the meridian system and Reiki.

Sara Sammons_edited.jpg

Sara Sammons, DVM

Molalla, OR

Dr. Sammons is an equine veterinarian that owns and operates Lavender Equine Rehabilitation and Veterinary Services in Oregon, USA. She became an Equine Internal Medicine specialist after a residency program that focused on internal medicine and lameness. Combining her internal medicine knowledge with her certifications in chiropractic, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and the Lazaris Nerve Release Technique, she offers complete and holistic examination and treatment of the horse at every visit incorporating diet, tack fit, environment, shoeing, soundness, posture, conformation, and overall health.

IMG_1789 Copy_edited.jpg

Mandy Hawkins

Pacific, MO

Mandy is a lifelong equestrian with a background in hunter/jumpers and natural horsemanship. After working at a rehab barn for 12 years, she began searching for ways to help the rehabilitation process. Mandy is certified in equine massage and is an Equi-Tape practitioner. She uses a variety of modalities in addition, including myofascial release and Masterson Method. 


Available to work within 1-2 hours of St. Louis, MO, and will travel further for groups of 4 or more.


Tracey Westegaard-Gunlogson, DVM

Clarkfield, MN

Tracey is a mixed animal veterinarian in the upper Midwest with a passion for horses and a special interest in podiatry, dentistry, and biomechanics.  In addition to practicing conventional veterinary medicine, she does Lazaris Nerve Release, craniosacral, energy healing, nutrition, and horse-keeping consulting.  She feels a whole-horse approach is the only approach to addressing concerns and solving problems. Tracey has the advantage of being able to see the horse as a veterinarian, horsewoman, equine bodyworker, and intuitive. 


Available in the upper Midwest but open to any travel requests, collaborations, and events.

Danielle Crowell.jpg

Danielle Crowell

 Nova Scotia, Canada

Danielle considers herself a horse-first equestrian with a human-first approach. She is a registered 500-hour Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer. Danielle is also a certified Life Coach and Girl's Self-Esteem Coach™, studying to become an NLP practitioner, and most recently, she is a Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ certified practitioner. Her desire to combine human and equine methodologies came from her own struggles with her horses and the need to connect with her own mind and body before she could expect her horses to connect with theirs. Danielle understands that in order to help our horses, we must also help ourselves. She is proud to be able to offer a combination of human and equine services to clients to help build a thriving partnership.

Europe & United Kingdom

Yasmin Stuart

United Kingdom

Yasmin is an Equine Physiotherapist and Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner based in the UK. She is particularly passionate about the relationship between manual therapy and movement therapy to help rehabilitate from compensatory injuries such as kissing spines and sacroiliac disease.

Willing to travel throughout the UK. Requires a minimum of 5 horses to see if traveling more than 1.5 hours from Suffolk.

Claudia Ettlin_edited.jpg

Claudia Ettlin

Andalucia, Spain

Claudia is a certified equine osteopath, human physiotherapist and Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner. She specializes in treating dysfunctional patterns in the biomechanics of both horse and rider with manual and movement therapy to create sustainable alignment.

Service area also includes Switzerland, Southern Germany and Alsace, France.

Bérénice Roussel_edited.jpg

Bérénice Roussel

Loir et Cher, France

Bérénice is a lifelong horse lover. Her passion is to help horses find balance and comfort for them as well as at work and under saddle. Dressage and jumping rider, she is a licensed trainer and runs a training center and boarding place in the middle of France (North Loir et Cher). She always wants to learn new skills because "when we know better, we do better."

Available for travel in and around France (minimum 4/5 horses depending on the distance)


Victoria Hautmann, DVM

Munich, Germany

Victoria is a Veterinarian specialized in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Acupuncture. She is also a Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner who feels passionate about helping horses feel more comfortable in their own body and to move in a healthy way without pain. Therefore, she supports both horse and owner in the process of rehabilitation.

 Available to travel for a minimum of 5 horses depending on the distance.

Kirsty Rawden_edited.png
image0 (6)_edited.jpg

Kirsty Rawden

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Kirsty qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2015 and believes in taking a holistic approach to treating and improving the welfare of horses. She utilises energy work, manual techniques, groundwork and electrotherapies (Laser/ PEMF/ therapeutic ultrasound) in her sessions to optimise results and help reducate movement and posture. Kirsty enjoys competing in eventing, dressage and working equitation.

Based in West Yorkshire. Willing to travel outside the area for 4 or more horses (travel charges may apply)

Leona Boeck (Böck), DVM


Leona is an Equine Veterinarian, Animal Chiropractor, Bodyworker and Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner from Austria, Europe. She grew up breeding and showing arabian sport horses. Leona has a passion for rehabilitation, improving soundness and overall life quality in horses.

Suz Crichton-Stuart

Clyro, Powys, Wales UK

Suz (rhymes with Buzz) blends Equine Touch, Craniosacral, energy work, Amnanda and now Lazaris Nerve Release. Also studying Equine Osteopathy at the Vluggen Institute in Germany she will graduate as an EDO in December 2024. This multifaceted approach blends the physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual to help you and your horse regain joy in movement together.

Based on the mid Welsh border and regularly working along the M4 corridor into Hampshire. Available to travel around the UK for a minimum of 5 horses.

1652606627725 (1)_edited.jpg
camille bttm.jpeg
holistic_reflections_Beccy_with_horses - Copy_edited.jpg

Johanna Janatuinen

Espoo, Finland

Johanna is a licensed physiotherapist and animal physiotherapist
working mainly with horses and riders. She's also a riding instructor
with a long background of training horses and riders. She's a Lazaris
Nerve Release Practitioner and has also studied Stecco Animal Fascial
Manipulation (levels 1 and 2). In her work she likes to use a
combination of manual and movement therapies and is passionate in
helping horses and riders feel and move better and be more comfortable
in their bodies.

Based in southern Finland, open to travel requests.

Camille del Marmol

Brussels, Belgium

Camille specializes in holistic equine wellness, blending cranio-sacral therapy, Lazaris Nerve Release Techniques, and equine massage. 

Her unique approach honours the innate intelligence of the body, helping horses release tension, and achieve better health and comfort. 

She is a lifelong learner, endlessly curious about the enchantment that arises when we venture beyond conventional boundaries.


Available for travel in and around Belgium.

Beccy Smith

Egremont, Cumbria, UK

Beccy is an open-minded, independent Integrative Equine Podiatrist, Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner, Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner and HeartMath Coach. Her passion is in helping empower horse owners and professionals to support horses in their care via evidence based and equi-centred, whole horse focused solutions and educational resources aimed at promoting ideal hoof morphology and posture.


Beccy travels throughout the UK and also offers combined equine podiatry consults and nerve release. Open to work in collaboration with other professionals in supporting the well-being of both horse, and human.

Beverley Upton

Derbyshire DE55, UK

Beverley has had horses since the age of 5, the most profound part of her journey was when she brought a horse that was super tricky, impulsive and scared. Beverley’s desire to understand her more was when she became a true student of the horse. One of the many things she’s learnt is Equine Iridology & qualified with a distinction and also completed an Equine Sports massage and rehabilitation qualification just over 5 years ago. Beverley has developed a unique approach to bodywork and the nerve release is another huge piece of the puzzle. Beverley’s main drive is to make the world a better place for horses, to show owners how they can get the very best from their horses without compromising their bodies. To build healthy happy horses

Australia & New Zealand
Erin Taylor_edited.jpg

Erin Taylor, DVM

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Erin is a small animal veterinarian and horse woman in South Australia. As a life long horse lover she was led to the BTMM Lazaris Nerve Release Technique as an avenue to help her own mare who had on-going and unresolved physical issues. She is now excited to help other horses using BTMM Lazaris Nerve Release Technique, with a strong passion for not only competition athletes but also pleasure and retired horses alike.

Available in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas. Open to travel requests.

IMG_4007 2 (1)_edited.jpg

Ann Maastricht, BVSC

Kilmore region, Australia

Dr. Ann Maastricht is an Equine Veterinarian that has focused solely on Veterinary Bodywork for the last 10 years. She has ridden horses since 5 years of age and has a special interest in Dressage, horsemanship, correct biomechanics, rehabilitation and finding the hidden reason for poor performance and unhappy horses. After an internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery and then General Equine Practice Ann saw Veterinary cases that General Veterinary Medicine was unable to treat and with her personal experience with horses with performance issues she became interested in Veterinary Bodywork. Ann now specialises in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy and Acupuncture. Ann is excited to also now be offering Lazaris Nerve Release Sessions to her repertoire. 

Open to travel requests.

Photo 17-2-2023, 9 58 47 am (1)_edited.j

Felicity Davies

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Felicity is a Horsemanship Mentor, NLP Practitioner, EFT Facilitator, Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer, Human Design Reader, Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner, and the host of the Equestrian Perspective Podcast. Felicity empowers horse owners with practical resources and guidance to help themselves and their horses feel more confident in ANY environment with a from-the-ground-up approach.

Available in the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia.

Screenshot (1330)_edited.jpg

Sarah Blackburn

Christchurch, New Zealand 

Sarah is a lifelong student of the horse. Always looking outside the box. Obsessively asking “why?” Her quest to help horses and humans alike has led her to become certified in Coaching & Training (Equitation Science International), Equine Bodywork (Equinology) and Equine Assisted Learning (Natural Lifemanship). Discovering Celeste (BTMM) several years ago was a significant point in Sarah’s journey. She is thrilled to now offer Lazaris Nerve Release to her clients, in conjunction with Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Photonic Red Light Therapy. Sarah also seeks to foster connected relationships between horse and human; and to promote in-hand training for functional posture and lasting soundness.

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand but open to traveling nationwide.


Interested in learning more about the Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™?

Nerve Release Self Study Course and Nerve Release Practitioner Certification

Whether you are looking to support your own horses or are looking to add Nerve Release to your professional toolbox, this comprehensive course will teach you both manual techniques and in-hand exercises to help the horse find immediate relief for nerve compression as well as extensive education around causes and preventions.

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