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BTMM Consultant - Rachel Heart Bellini, DVM


Heart Equine Consultations

Dr. Rachel Heart Bellini is a licensed equine veterinarian offering virtual consults through a BTMM lens.



Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD)

Postural Work in Hoof Care

Integrative Lameness Treatment Plans

Spinal Biomechanics

Instructions for Booking Your Consultation

Dr. Rachel Heart Bellini is available for limited consults with educated owners and manual therapists of any nature.

An application for a consultation appointment is required with pictures, a short history and any medical records, and a description of owners skill set and knowledge of BTMM.


Clients are required to have at least one proprioceptive hoof pad.

To apply for a consult, contact Dr. Rachel at

Founder of Heart Equine, Dr. Rachel Heart Bellini, DVM CVSMT CVA CVBM, is a holistic sports medicine veterinarian committed to providing the best solutions available to horse and rider partnerships.


With a foundation built on extensive education, years of hands-on experience, a profound passion for equine well-being, and most importantly close collaborations with other leading equine professionals, Dr. Rachel utilizes a holistic approach that considers the whole horse.


Dr. Rachel’s journey began on the racetrack, where she had the privilege of working with top-tier horses, trainers, and veterinarians across the country. Following this, she honed her skills at a renowned sport horse medicine clinic, working for an industry pioneer in imaging and treatment of the cervical spine with the most up to date conventional diagnostic and treatment resources.


After hitting a plateau in what she could offer, Rachel embarked on what has now been a fifteen year hero’s journey into multiple non-conventional modalities.


She has since acquired certifications in:

  • traditional and balance method veterinary acupuncture

  • veterinary spinal manipulation therapy

  • advanced manual therapy techniques

  • applied kinesiology

  • advanced neurology

  • human classical homeopathy

  • spiritual and anthroposophical medicine

  • postural rehabilitation


  • canine rehabilitation

About Dr. Rachel
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