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Rider Pillars

with BTMM Instructor, Katherine Lowry
Welcome to our Rider Pillars program, where we believe that the strength, harmony, and connection between horse and rider are paramount. Designed to empower equestrians of all levels and disciplines, our approach brings awareness and balance to the rider's body.

Mat Work:
Beginning at the breath riders work in a supported position mat work through walking and seated techniques to connect to their own body. Program development leads to an exercise flow designed to support the rider in increasing awareness of the breath. Developmental and awareness goal is to release and/or activate muscular tension, building the foundation of accessing the receptivity needed for in-hand and ridden work.

In-Hand Work:
Utilizing the understanding of how to walk and work on a circle, as well as accessing muscles for giving and receiving energy, rider’s are coached through basic in-hand exercises from leading to liberty work developing their ability to inspire their horses into their work without sustained pressure.

Under Saddle Work:
Practicing of being in a receiving and redirecting energy, riders are coached through first separating their pushing and driving muscles from those needed for riding, allowing their body to receive the energy of the horse’s hind quarters without blocking. Once the base of understanding is developed rider are coached through arena exercises, starting at the most basic, to work on changing maneuvers, gait, and alternating between collection and extension.


Together, our goal is to develop a relationship with and awareness of our bodies not only as a tool for transport, but also as a tool of communication with our horses.

Our priority is to progress our awareness and application at a rate that both our horses and our selves can be comfortable with. 

Rider Pillar Course - COMING SOON!
Learn about the three Rider Pillars!

Pillar One: Relationship to Contact

Pillar Two: Engagement

Pillar Three: Spinal Integrity and Rotational Movement
This community will start with Katherine Lowry's theories behind these planes of movement, as well as activities and how-to videos for getting in touch with your physical awareness. From there, our amazing body is our best communication tool for inviting our horses to follow us through ground work and ridden movements.
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