top of page - Confirmation on what we talk about with horses being biomechanically undsound when they have a negative spinal angle. - Confirmation on what we are seeing where the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus are the two root causes for most chronic behavior / biomechanical lameness and when left untreated it can turn into ganglionitis in those areas. - Research on posture. - Nerve pain in the cervical spine. - Headshaking 

This has a ton of references to different studies inside of it as well -

Nerve Release Course Investment


$1500* USD


Three payments of $600* USD

Course content releases on a schedule for both the pay in full and the payment plan option. To access all of the course content, the payment plan must be paid in full. Failed payments have a grace period of 7 days. After 7 days, your access to the course will be automatically revoked.

*Prices are subject to change at any time

Samantha Watt

Equine Rehabilitation Specialist

Apprentice BTMM Instructor 

Samantha Watt_edited.jpg
Best Suited For:
All Levels
In-Hand or Under Saddle

Samantha was raised on a 400 acre cattle farm in Kingaroy, QLD where she first discovered her love for horses. As Sam furthered her career in project management outside of the horse industry, she developed a passion for rehabilitating horses that were thought to be hopeless and unsafe. Determined to give them the best life possible, Samantha has not only built a program based on mutual respect for her equine partners, but she has produced athletes capable of competing at the highest levels across all disciplines of the equestrian field. This program is proven in the competition ring, with numerous state and national titles to her name, including her top gelding having just won Horse of the Year 3 Consecutive years in a row.

A specialty component of her program and offerings is the Werkman Black Gait Analysis software which is used to support Farriery decisions to improve overall hoof and limb health, which in turn drastically improves soundness and movement in horses. Samantha is only one of a handful of people in Australia to use this breakthrough technology. Samantha is always expanding her knowledge base & is currently completing her Certification in Advanced Distal Limb training under one of the worlds leading podiatrists. Her determination, tenacity and never ending passion for overall horse health has helped her build a rehabilitation program like no other. She always has the horses health at the forefront of every decision and takes pride in building horses from ‘the hoof, up!’ All whilst having solid, scientifically proven practices.

Samantha is an asset to our team here at BTMM for many things, but largely because of her expertise being a a hands-on amateur owner monitoring care and interventions to build her horses to the top level without sacrificing their health and wellness. She understands deeply how to navigate harnessing both competitions, trainers, judges all while honoring the BTMM principles and how to effectively communicate between the lines.

Best Suited For:
Postural Rehabilitation
Rider Biomechanics
Relational Work

Kaylie Hanson

Yoga Teacher
Biomechanics Trainer

Equine Massage Therapist 
Apprentice BTMM Instructor

Kaylie Hanson is based out of Eugene, OR where she operates Symbiosis Equestrian. As a child you could often find her asking her parents two things - to spend more time at the barn and “Why?” about nearly everything. Her inquisitive nature and passion for helping horses and humans has led her to a holistic approach to training. She is passionate about helping horses and riders find softness, relaxation and balance in their mind and bodies.


Her career started as an assistant trainer at a large dressage sales barn, where she discovered how many horses struggled with physical and mental tension. She then began seeking alternative approaches and tools. Her journey includes a two year apprenticeship with a USDF gold medalist and rider biomechanics coach; a trauma informed 200 hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica; and a certification in Equine Bodywork through Equinology. Whether your goals are high level competition or pleasure, she can help you and your horse with postural development and finding a deeper layer of softness and balance.


Kaylie is available for clinics and currently offers nerve release bodywork and lessons.

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