top of page - Confirmation on what we talk about with horses being biomechanically undsound when they have a negative spinal angle. - Confirmation on what we are seeing where the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus are the two root causes for most chronic behavior / biomechanical lameness and when left untreated it can turn into ganglionitis in those areas. - Research on posture. - Nerve pain in the cervical spine. - Headshaking 

This has a ton of references to different studies inside of it as well -

Interested in learning more about the Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™?

Nerve Release Self Study Course and Nerve Release Practitioner Certification

Whether you are looking to support your own horses or are looking to add Nerve Release to your professional toolbox, this comprehensive course will teach you both manual techniques and in-hand exercises to help the horse find immediate relief for nerve compression as well as extensive education around causes and preventions.

How to Lunge For Nerve Health
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Lunging can either be the worst thing for your horse in terms of suspected nerve compression...

...or one of the best!

The Lunge for Nerve Health Course is a complete guide of how, when and why to utilize the Balance Through Movement Method ™ for lunging exercises.

This online, highly accessible course includes written, audio lecture and video to appeal to all versions of learning.

Suitable for professionals or amateurs.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of In-Hand Pillars Course.
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Pillar Courses In-Hand
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A complete guide of how, when and why to execute the Balance Through Movement Method™ foundational exercises under saddle.

Written, Lecture and Video to appeal to all versions of learning.

Suitable for professionals or amateurs.
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of In-Hand Pillars Course.

Pillar Courses Under-Saddle
Release Date Coming Soon

Nerve Release Course Investment


$1500* USD


Three payments of $600* USD

Course content releases on a schedule for both the pay in full and the payment plan option. To access all of the course content, the payment plan must be paid in full. Failed payments have a grace period of 7 days. After 7 days, your access to the course will be automatically revoked.

*Prices are subject to change at any time

Samantha Watt

Equine Rehabilitation Specialist

Apprentice BTMM Instructor 

Samantha Watt_edited.jpg
Best Suited For:
All Levels
In-Hand or Under Saddle

Samantha was raised on a 400 acre cattle farm in Kingaroy, QLD where she first discovered her love for horses. As Sam furthered her career in project management outside of the horse industry, she developed a passion for rehabilitating horses that were thought to be hopeless and unsafe. Determined to give them the best life possible, Samantha has not only built a program based on mutual respect for her equine partners, but she has produced athletes capable of competing at the highest levels across all disciplines of the equestrian field. This program is proven in the competition ring, with numerous state and national titles to her name, including her top gelding having just won Horse of the Year 3 Consecutive years in a row.

A specialty component of her program and offerings is the Werkman Black Gait Analysis software which is used to support Farriery decisions to improve overall hoof and limb health, which in turn drastically improves soundness and movement in horses. Samantha is only one of a handful of people in Australia to use this breakthrough technology. Samantha is always expanding her knowledge base & is currently completing her Certification in Advanced Distal Limb training under one of the worlds leading podiatrists. Her determination, tenacity and never ending passion for overall horse health has helped her build a rehabilitation program like no other. She always has the horses health at the forefront of every decision and takes pride in building horses from ‘the hoof, up!’ All whilst having solid, scientifically proven practices.

Samantha is an asset to our team here at BTMM for many things, but largely because of her expertise being a a hands-on amateur owner monitoring care and interventions to build her horses to the top level without sacrificing their health and wellness. She understands deeply how to navigate harnessing both competitions, trainers, judges all while honoring the BTMM principles and how to effectively communicate between the lines.

Niki Gibbs Wilde Broadhead

Cowboy Dressage Judge 
Professional Trainer

Apprentice BTMM Instructor

Best Suited For:
Cowboy Dressage Enthusiasts
Youth/Beginner BTMM Sessions
In-Hand Postural Work

Niki Wilde Broadhead has been studying Horsemanship for over 25 years. After completing the levels in the Parelli Program and riding on Pat’s Savvy Team in 2005, she continued on her journey to learn from world renowned horsemen and women such as, Karen Rohlf, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Garn Walker, Jeff Sanders, Dr. Robert Miller, the legendary Jack Brainard, Craig Johnson and even traveled to Portugal to learn Classical Dressage from Señor Luis Valenca and his talented family. Most recently, Niki has been studying Celeste Leilani Lazaris’ Balance Through Movement Method. Niki graduated the BTMM Nerve Release Course, can teach the Pillars on the ground, and is currently apprenticing to be able to teach them while riding.


Niki is an Endorsed Cowboy Dressage Clinician and Judge, recently judging at Cowboy Dressage World Finals. She continues to travel around the world to teach people and their horses. Niki has been focused on every facet of a horse’s life; handling hundreds of foals and young horses to starting them under saddle, and working with hundreds more problem horses and their owners. While her study of horses is extensive, it is not her primary objective. She wants to help others to be able to train and enjoy their own horses. Her intense study and real world practice led her to make a promise she would have a place where anyone, and any horse, could come to learn.
Her motto is; “Where the horse, not the sport, comes first” and it is still her guiding principle.


She wants to empower other people to become students of the horse. She wants to help you find the love, peace, and joy in helping your horse overcome the obstacles that could be in the way of building a partnership where anything is possible.

Niki is available for clinics and lessons.


Best Suited For: 
Behavior Cases 
Connection Work
Kissing Spine 
Competitive Barrel Racers

Betsy Vonda

Behavioral Specialist

Posture/Performance Educator

Apprentice BTMM Instructor


Betsy Vonda is an Equine Postural, Performance, and Behavioral Consultant residing in Ontario, Canada with a focus on equine rehabilitation, as well as starting and training horses for longevity and soundness. Betsy grew up competing in western performance disciplines and went on to being a successful competitive rider in barrel racing and pole bending.

As a coach and clinician she teaches owners how to recognize proper movement patterns and development, as well as how to improve their relationship and communication with their equine partner no matter the chosen discipline. Betsy is also a Paramedic and an Emergency Service Education Coordinator. This unique background coupled with her specialized horsemanship skills has enabled her to develop thorough physical assessment and observational skills, training in de-escalation and regulation of the nervous system, as well as a formal education in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

All of these things along with her kind and approachable demeanor for equestrians of all levels makes her the perfect addition to our BTMM team.

Betsy is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics.and in-person sessions in her area.

Jodi Pierce

Equine Massage Therapist

Apprentice BTMM Instructor

Best Suited For:
In-Hand Work
Bodywork, Muscles, Biomechanics
Communication Techniques

Jodi Pierce resides in Bristol, VT where she owns & operates Better Horse Bodyworks. As a horseless rider, she has worked in many different facilities, with different breeds, training methods, and disciplines. The highlights include Dude Ranches, OSU Polo club (where she met her spouse), an Equine Assisted Therapy barn for emotionally challenged kids, and Legerte Dressage Pedagogy Student training.


For the past seven years, ever since she bought her first horse, her focus has been on Holistic Horse Management, Bodywork, & Biomechanics. She left her career as a Science Teacher to become certified in Equine Massage Therapy. Since then she has continued to educate herself and added Canine Massage, Reiki, & Lazaris Nerve Technique certifications. Her approach with horses (and dogs) is hands-on, intuitive, heart-centered, and horse-led. She is excited and honored to be a BTMM trainer and excels at In-hand Halter & Bridle Pillars while she continues to train in the Under Saddle work.

Jodi is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics or in-person sessions around Bristol, VT and surrounding areas. 

Best Suited For:
Complex Bodywork Cases
In-Hand Postural Training
Under Saddle Connection Work

Jolene Duncan

Dressage and Rider Biomechanics
Vaquero Horsemanship - Bridle Horse Progression

Colt Starting
Apprentice BTMM Instructor


Jolene trains horses and coaches riders, emphasizing how to progress the horse for long term soundness, both physically and mentally.

She has been horse crazy since she could talk, and although her ownership of horses was limited as a child, the exposure she had left her thinking there must be a better way. 

As an adult, she pursued horsemanship. Studying and riding with some of the best in the world, Buck Brannaman, Joe Wolter, Jaton Lord, and several others, who rode and studied with the late greats, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. 

She has also ridden with dressage clinicians, such as Henrik Johansen, and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.


Her adoptive parents were both Physical Therapists and her lens of working with horse and rider bodies was largely impacted by her parents' passionate knowledge of how a body in motion is designed to function. The "how" and "when" different modalities contribute, or destabilize healthy movement has been an integral part of how she's approached each human and equine partnership.

As her horsemanship knowledge deepened, she realized that most horses were not being started in a way that was physically beneficial. And in fact, sometimes downright harmful. She pursued colt starting as a result of this realization, with a goal of changing how the horse world, as a whole, approaches the most influential time in a horse's career. 

Best Suited For:
Postural Rehabilitation
Rider Biomechanics
Relational Work

Kaylie Hanson

Yoga Teacher
Biomechanics Trainer

Equine Massage Therapist 
Apprentice BTMM Instructor

Kaylie Hanson is based out of Eugene, OR where she operates Symbiosis Equestrian. As a child you could often find her asking her parents two things - to spend more time at the barn and “Why?” about nearly everything. Her inquisitive nature and passion for helping horses and humans has led her to a holistic approach to training. She is passionate about helping horses and riders find softness, relaxation and balance in their mind and bodies.


Her career started as an assistant trainer at a large dressage sales barn, where she discovered how many horses struggled with physical and mental tension. She then began seeking alternative approaches and tools. Her journey includes a two year apprenticeship with a USDF gold medalist and rider biomechanics coach; a trauma informed 200 hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica; and a certification in Equine Bodywork through Equinology. Whether your goals are high level competition or pleasure, she can help you and your horse with postural development and finding a deeper layer of softness and balance.


Kaylie is available for clinics and currently offers nerve release bodywork and lessons.


Chiara Poscente

Mindful Horsemanship Coach 

Horse and Rider Biomechanics Trainer 

BTMM Apprentice Instructor

BTMM Rider Pillars Apprentice Instructor 


Chiara grew up in Calgary, Alberta with a deep love of horses from the time she could walk and talk. Highly competitive in Three Day Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage, Chiara was able to develop her skills as a rider under the tutelage of several Olympic and Grand Prix Trainers.


In 2015, Chiara moved to the USA to marry her knight, a fellow competitive downhill skateboarder, and in 2016, was introduced to the teachings of horseman Buck Brannaman whom she credits with turning her world upside down. At this time, Chiara abandoned everything she thought she knew about horses and riding and with her hubs Zak at her side, has developed a practice with horses and humans that is based on balance, harmony and partnership. Chiara’s multidisciplinary approach focuses on foundational development of horse and rider, mindful horsemanship practices and cultivating love of self through love of horses. She is currently enjoying learning about Vaquero Tradition and Bridle Horse Progression with her Medicine Horse, Takoda. 


After nearly a decade of battling chronic pain, Chiara has found deeper connection to self and rediscovered joy in movement through Katherine’s Rider Pillars Program. She is excited to continue down this path and help to bring Katherine’s life changing work to the world! 


Chiara will be available soon for distance sessions, clinics and in-person sessions at her home in northern CO.

kate coleman btmm_edited.jpg

Kate Coleman 

Eventing and Dressage Trainer

Reiki Practitioner

BTMM Nerve Release Practitioner

BTMM Apprentice Instructor


Being a firm believer that in order for a horse or rider to be the best they can be, Kate feels attention to detail, patience and evaluating the whole body is a necessity. She and her husband own and operate Creekside Eventing Complex in Brunswick, Ohio, where they focus on a holistic approach geared towards the eventing and dressage communities. This includes whole foods diet options, medicinal mushrooms, correct farriery, routine bioscans, chiropractic care and of course pillar work for both horses and riders.

With over 25 years of experience training and showing event and dressage horses, Kate has a special place in her heart for OTTBs as well as the horses with declining performance. In addition to her training program, she performs bioscans and is working towards her master in reiki. Kate is always striving to continue her education to better help and understand her horses and her clients.

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