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Chase What Sets Your Soul On Fire

You’ll get told that you have no business talking about the things that set your soul on fire.

You’ll get told to stay in your lane.

You’ll get told it’s not your place.

You’ll be rumored about.

You’ll be threatened.

You’ll be belittled.

Don’t stop.

I’m a nobody.

The only letters I have after my name are LMT/LAMT. (Expired LVT)

I have a long list of all of the things I’ve won as a trainer, but that’s it.

I’m not a farrier.

I’m not a Veterinarian.

I’m not a physiotherapist.

There’s actually nothing that I have on a shiny piece of paper that says that I could/should be educating to the extent that I am.

Except -

I was sick and tired of not having answers and just putting on bandaids.

I fundamentally believed that there was more to the story of the equine body and mystery soundness problems.

And so I’ve studied.

And studied.

And studied.

Not at schools of others thoughts, because I wasn’t searching for answers we already have.

I’ve spent hours digging into all kinds of books.

And more than anything, I took it to the source.

The horses body doesn’t lie, and I won’t stop advocating for them now because the proof is in the results.

Now for the last few years I’ve been flown around to talk about my research and collaborate with other professionals.

This year, those professionals have been primarily Veterinarians, and it’s been SO RAD.

I’ve been asked to start working on getting some of this information into Universities.

And now, I get to present my research and work on the Thoracic Sling to a group of Veterinarians.

Let me be clear -

I’m still a LONG ways from having all of the answers I’m seeking, but that’s part of the beauty in this life, isn’t it?

Moral of the story -

You don’t have to be a “somebody” to figure out really cool and important shit.

Go chase what sets your soul on fire

Photo by Julia Kaser


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