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It's About the Mirror

Horses are the greatest mirrors we could ask for in our lives.

They keep us accountable with the tensions that we hold within our bodies and the shadows we keep in our mind.

Even the invisible ones.

Hell, especially the invisible ones…

When a horse has suffered a significant amount of trauma, especially by other humans, something in their mirror breaks.

They are no longer able to cleanly show you your reflection, because it’s now been tainted by abuse.

The lens and perception is no longer an accurate read.

(Most of us with trauma can probably relate).

It is the most difficult part of rehabbing a horse correctly, because it’s very rarely just about the physical.

It’s about the mirror.

And more importantly, your ability to help them fairly repair that mirror.

In the beginning of this process, it’s all about them.

Helping them feel safe.

Giving them time.

Managing their movements and environments for optimum relaxation.

Holding loving space during every explosive outburst.

Guiding them back to their neutral state of being.

Checking every box you know, to prove to them that they’re the priority and that you have no agenda.

And at some point on your journey, (if you’re patient enough) they believe you.

They can find rest and comfort in knowing that they are no longer the throw-away chaos maker that others have painted them to be.

They no longer have to lash out to check where they stand with you.

They no longer need you to manage them.

They can manage themselves.

They heal.

One of the most beautiful and difficult parts of rebuilding this sacred tool, is this age of healing where you are able to swap roles and give them the opportunity to use their restored looking glass.

You are no longer their leader, lighthouse and confidant.

You become their student.

My kids aren’t driving yet, but I imagine it’s going to be a similar sensation as when my son drives us on the freeway for the first time.

Sure, I’ve given him all the tools – But now it’s up to him to take the wheel and take me for a drive instead.

I think a lot of us tend to take on the broken horses because we are broken ourselves and it’s healing to get to slowly piece back together another broken body or heart when no one had taken the time to do that for us.

It's another thing to see the process all the way through and allow them the freedom to use that sacred power and show us those hidden pieces of ourselves that we aren’t often allowed to show, all while lovingly holding space and taking us for a ride while we process it all.

They are masters of energy, and invite us if we are willing, into the most beautiful open and receiving energy we could hope for.

And that my friends, is where healing lies.


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