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The Traveling Horse Witch

After having massive success with a slew of lameness cases that were deemed impossible by multiple vets, I arrived at a barn one morning and was greeted by the owner introducing me to her newest boarder:

”This is our friendly neighborhood traveling horse witch!” …Your what? ”Well, you just talk to the horses and see things in their bodies that no one else does, it must be magic!”

And well, it just kind of stuck from there on out…

As much as I love going by that lovingly-given nickname, my actual name is Celeste-Leilani Lazaris. And while I absolutely believe in magic, I also believe in science and that is what my work is based out of. I am a biomechanical lameness specialist and an expert in equine movement and muscle development. But more than anything, I am a student of the horse.

Over the last ten years (and about 30k in education) I have carefully reverse-engineered my bodywork and performance training knowledge to dissect the core reasons of why horses struggle so much in the same places, and have developed a unique lens and ability to body map the condition of the horse to find its’ strengths and weaknesses from a balance point of view.

This allows for me to help you build a custom workout protocol to address those findings and help the horse reach true structural integrity and help solve and prevent restrictions and lameness.

My primary specialties are:

  • Nerve Impingements

  • Thoracic Sling Development

  • Spinal Integrity

  • Balanced Equine Movement

As an owner and a professional rider and trainer myself, I know intimately the struggles we all face with soundness in the pursuit of performance. But what if the answer, is that correct performance is actually the key to soundness? I have committed myself to solving these struggles and doing right by our horses the way we all want to, and I would love nothing more than to teach you how to do the same. I am constantly researching, learning and training new tools, and I have saying that you’ll hear often - “I have a lot of firm beliefs, that are very loosely held.” If you’ve been working with horses for long enough, I’m sure you’ve established something similar in this ever evolving dimension. One thing that I do know for absolute certain, however is this: The body wants to heal. And it has every capacity to do so if we can just give it the support and space that it needs to do so.


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