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Celeste Lazaris and Dr. Rachel Heart Bellini present -
The Well Adjusted Horse Collaborative Clinic



A restorative clinic for both horse and rider, centered around spinal biomechanics.

We will be taking four special pairs through an intimate journey of gently looking at everything from the foundation of the body to attunement in training.

Clinic participants are welcome to have their health care support team join them at no extra cost: Trainer, Veterinarian, Farrier, etc.

We will also be accepting four clinic apprentices.
These will be non-horse participants that will be shadowing and learning from both Dr. Rachel and Celeste on their process through gently unwinding and restoring each pair.


Participants may haul in Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Light snacks and drinks provided.

 Thursday Morning – Intake
10am: We will take videos of in-hand and ridden movement as well as assessment photos and go over general goals for the clinic.

 Thursday Evening 

5-7pm: Lecture on spinal biomechanics, dural torque and compensation patterns as they present in the ridden horse.

Friday Morning

8-9am: Lecture of Pillar One and the nervous system.

9am-6pm: Bodywork and assessment on horses and humans. Celeste will work with human participants while Rachel works with horse and owner pairs.

9-11am: Pair 1
11am-1pm: Pair 2
1-2pm: Lunch Break
2-4pm: Pair 3
4-6pm: Pair 4

6pm: Closing circle with some human integration work of gentle breathwork and connection exercises.



9am: Lecture on proprioceptive pads and sequencing patterns

10am-6pm: Saturday sessions will begin with nerve release that will serve as both a healing modality as well as a diagnostic tool to explore gaps in the horses training and relationship to connection. Once those have been gently mapped out, Celeste will take the horse through restoring these pieces with both in-hand and under saddle exercises to allow the horse to find healing. Dr. Bellini will then take each horse after each session to further explain the changes she is seeing from a Veterinarian perspective. Sessions will be approximately 1 hour.

​10am-12pm: Pair 1
12pm-2pm: Pair 2
2-4pm: Pair 3
4-6pm: Pair 4


9am: Hind end biomechanics lecture and demo.

10am-6pm: Sunday will include short sessions with instruction for riders on how to integrate the changes experienced throughout the clinic within themselves and for their horses. Participants will have one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the opportunity to observe other sessions and do reflective journaling. Sessions will be approximately 1 hour.

10-11am: Pair 1
11am-12pm: Pair 2
12-1pm: Pair 3
1-2pm: Pair 4
2-2:30pm: Lunch
3-4pm: Pair 1
4-5pm: Pair 2
5-6pm: Pair 3
6-7pm: Pair 4


Sunday will conclude group dinner and closing session.


Horse & Rider Pairs: $2500 including stall fees.

Four spots available. Participants are welcome to bring their health care team for no additional charge (Trainer/Vet/Farrier).

Cost includes a take-home protocol to continue working through changes and one follow up virtual session.


Clinic Apprentices: $1500

Four spots available.

Clinic apprentices get the invaluable opportunity to work side by side with Dr. Bellini and/or Celeste for the entirety of the weekend asking questions, learning some of the techniques and getting to experience first hand what goes into taking pairs through an intensive such as this.


We would love to have you join us!

Please fill out the application below to express your interest in this clinic.

If you have any questions, reach out to

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